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Admiral: No Plans To Change Navy SEAL Standards For Women


The Navy reportedly has no plans to alter its physical fitness standards for female SEALs after the male-only policy ends in 2016.

The standards, which include run, swim, sit-up, pull-up and push-up schemes, will remain intact for women as they enter the SEALs beginning April 1, 2016.

“I literally submitted that paper ... last night,” Vice Adm. Bill Moran said of his portion of the integration plan and timetable for the SEALs, which is due on Jan. 1, reports Military Times.

“We have our plan. We've been leaning pretty far forward on this. We're ready to go."

The Defense Department announced in 2013 its plan to lift the exemption for women in combat, and the services were then ordered to evaluate physical standards and argue whether or not any combat positions should remain closed to women.

“The standards were thoroughly reviewed by [Special Operations Command] and [Naval Special Warfare and U.S. Special Operations Command] for the Navy. [Rear] Adm. [Brian] Losey's team fed that to SOCOM, SOCOM approved that the standards we have are the standards we need,” Moran said. “And if you meet the standard and you're able to become a SEAL or a SWCC."

The SEALs were the last branch to open its doors to women, with Rear Adm. Brian Losey recommending in September that the branch integrate. Lose said that there were “no insurmountable obstacles” to integrating women, reports The San Diego Union-Tribune

Sources: Military Times, San Diego Union-Tribune / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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