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Hillary Begged Tom Arnold To Release Secret Trump Video

Actor and comedian Tom Arnold says former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton begged him to release video of President Donald Trump using racist slurs.

Arnold revealed last year that he had footage of Trump saying "every bad thing ever, every offensive, racist thing ever," reports The Telegraph. "I had all the outtakes from Trump saying the N-word on 'The Apprentice,'" he alleged.

On the Feb. 12 episode of the Australian show "I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here," Arnold told fellow contestant Nazeem Hussain that Clinton called him two days before the election in an effort to get him to release the video. "The weight of the free world is on your shoulders," she reportedly told him.

But Arnold declined, explaining to conservative talk radio host Dori Monson that he wanted to protect the careers of those involved with "The Apprentice," reports the website My Northwest:

It was sort of a Christmas video they put together. He wasn’t going to be President of the United States. It was him sitting in that chair saying the N-word, saying the C-word, calling his son a retard, just being so mean to his own children. Oh, this is so funny, this is this guy. The Sunday before the election, I get a call from Arnold’s CAA agent, sitting next to Hillary Clinton. They said, "I need you to release him saying the N-word." I said, "Well, now these people -- two editors and an associate producer -- are scared to death. They’re scared of his people, they’re scared of they’ll never work again, there’s a $5 million confidentiality agreement."

In an interview on Nova FM’s "Fitzy and Wippa" program, Arnold also said that he believed the video wouldn't have had any effect on the outcome of the election. “We’ve already heard him talking about sexually assaulting women, and that didn’t make a difference to the election,” he reasoned.

On a recent episode of "I'm A Celebrity," Arnold made his opinion of Trump clear: “He is sexist, he’s racist but I consider him a kind of joke,” he said. “I have friends that are real billionaires, that are real and I always considered him a phony about that.”

“The Apprentice” was canceled in 2015 after Trump made comments about Mexican immigrants that network executives deemed racist.

Sources: The Telegraph, My Northwest / Photo credit: Los Angeles Times

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