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Actor Martin Sheen Calls Mitt Romney "Very Arrogant"

Actor Martin Sheen, who played a fictional president of the United States on 'The West Wing" TV series,  recently slammed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, during an interview with

Sheen said: “He is, in essence, a very arrogant, very successful businessman [who] believes in unreined free enterprise. He doesn’t have a clue what 99 percent of the people are going through. He’s never lived on that level. He’s never had to compete for a job or face eviction or struggle to get a college loan. He’s a guy that the old phrase applies to: ‘He was born on third base and thought he hit a triple.’”

Sheen also criticized Romney’s performance in the second presidential debate: "Mr. Romney really showed his ass there, and how stupid he is and arrogant. There’s an old phrase, arrogance is ignorance matured, and that’s what we saw.”


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