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Accurate Mock Election Predicts Sen. Bernie Sanders Win In 2016

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton have been the consistent front-runners for the 2016 election, however, a mock election that has picked winners since 1975 claims that Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont will win the presidency in 2016.

Western Illinois University (WIU) holds its mock election one year before the real deal, and on Nov. 3 had Sanders defeating GOP candidate Jeb Bush, who has been polling in fourth and fifth place for weeks, according to a WIU press release.

Bush and Republican Sen. Marco of Florida will top the GOP ticket, while Sanders and former Democratic Gov. Martin O'Malley of Maryland will be the Democratic ticket.

A major problem, per the mock election, is that more than ten percent of Republicans will vote for Libertarian presidential candidate Lex Green and his VP choice Republican Sen. Republican Rand Paul of Kentucky, giving Sanders a win in states that have traditionally voted GOP, notes

Sources:, Western Illinois University / Photo Credit: Miller Center/Flickr


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