AAPS Sues to Stop Unconstitutional Revisions of Obamacare


The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons filed a lawsuit Wednesday in federal court to have the Affordable Health Care Act deemed unconstitutional.

The AAPS is a politically active group of medical professionals who prefer to have patients pay directly for services without the interference of health insurance companies.

The lawsuit says that because the Constitution prohibits the executive branch from rewriting laws already passed, imposing the individual mandate while delaying the employer mandate makes Obamacare illegal.

Though both mandates were meant to go into effect in 2014, the employer mandate was delayed until 2015.

The result of this decision, the lawsuit argues, is that Americans will now have to purchase costly individual insurance plans for themselves, or be fined. They will have less income to purchase medical services they truly want from private physicians.

A report published by RAND estimated that 300,000 fewer people will have employer-sponsored healthcare now because of the delayed mandate.

The report also estimated that 1,000 businesses will not be required to offer health insurance, forcing the government to lose $11 billion in potential penalty fees.

Sources: TPM, Digital Journal, The Hill


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