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Burger Only Common Ground Between President & Andrea Lafferty

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By Andrea Lafferty

May 26, 2010- I knew if I waited long enough it was bound to happen.  Barack Obama and I agree about something.

Two nights ago, the President and his wife went to one of the franchises of my family’s (and my) favorite restaurants – 5 Guys – a shameless hamburger and fries place.  They advertise that the fries are cooked in peanut oil which gives them a healthy aura but they are still french fries.

The local newspaper has a picture of the President standing there counting out change in front of the familiar red-and-white checker counter.  Mrs. Obama is not shown but the stories suggested that she raised no objections to eating the usual 5 Guys fare.

No sooner had the President munched the last french fry then somebody issued a press release. Washington is like that.

A liberal outfit called the Center for Science in the Public Interest scolded the President for showing bad example by eating in one of the CSPI’s Top Ten Worst Restaurants.  I suspect there is very little science in what these people rant about and the only public they serve is the liberal “Public” as in National Public Radio.

I almost felt bad for Mr. Obama.  All he is trying to do is have a meal which many Americans eat routinely and peacefully unnoticed.  Obama orders a burger and fries and people issue press releases and call the media.

It brought two important and under-used words to my mind – Shut Up!

Mrs. Obama has contributed her share of preaching about obesity and “food choices” so it may be that it has come full circle and he is receiving a dose of what his wife has been dishing out to the rest of us.

The bottom line is this – I think the President has every right to make choices about where he eats and what he eats.  They are his arteries and, from what I can see, he is neither overweight nor unhealthy.

But I hope he reflects on the experience of having some annoying bunch of liberals try to dictate every moment of your life down to what you eat.  At 5 Guys, Barack Obama came face-to-face with what concerns and even angers most Americans about his approach to government.  He stands ready to dictate just about every detail in an average American’s life – from health care to housing and food.

Leave the President and his family alone to have a meal of their choosing.  And people like the liberals at CSPI would do better to eat more hamburgers, more fries and, as a matter of fact, more anything.  And as long as they don’t talk with their mouths full – the public interest will be served best by their silent chomping.


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