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There were so many posts I didn't take the time to read them all, but from what I've seen little has been said about what was demanded of McCain to hand over to prove qualifications.  The libs demanded health record history, birth cirtificate, history of his schooling, military....everything.  It wasn't a request, it was a demand.  Presidents throughout history have always handed over this information, and McCain himself turned in over 1,000 pages.

Yet, Obama, provided nothing.  No health records, no proof of college attendance, no record of anything before he was a community organizer, no proof of being born in the U.S ( a cirtificate of live birth is easily faked and never considered to be proof of anything even outside the President's qualifications), and everything involving his past was sealed. He even filed law suits to prevent information from being released...over $1 million.  This man has a record he doesn't want people to know about, because the information being hidden has always been handed over by previous Presidents. 

Even so, the leftist media and leftist Obama-bots scream bloody murder when anyone wants even a fraction of the same information out of Obama about his past records as to what they themselves demanded out of McCain...and got. 

This is incredible.


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