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72-Year-Old Woman Roughed Up By Texas Troopers and Arrested During Wendy Davis Filibuster (Video)

“You’re hurting me,” said 72-year-old Martha Northington as two Texas troopers forcibly pulled her from her seat and yanked her out of the Senate gallery during Sen. Wendy Davis’ Wednesday filibuster of an abortion bill.

The troopers arrested and charged her with assaulting an officer.

Northington was wearing orange, like so many of the nearly 500 observers who gathered in the gallery on Wednesday, as a symbol of reproductive freedom.

Elizabeth Willmann, 23, filmed the incident as the troopers surrounded Northington. She uploaded the video to YouTube.

“This woman was doing nothing but sitting until this state trooper who had already manhandled other women decided to grab her, hurt her and arrest her,” Willmann wrote on YouTube.

It is unclear why Northington was being removed or why the trooper who lifts her out of the chair moves so urgently and aggressively. There is no evidence on video of her alleged assault on an officer.

Northington has since been released from jail. Her arrest record shows she was charged with "assault by contact" and bail was set at $4,000, according to Burnt Orange Report. The felony charges against her might be reduced.

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