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Rep. Peter King Says He Has 'Nothing Against Muslims' While Advocating For Mosque Surveillance (Video)

On Dec. 27, Republican Rep. Peter King of New York doubled-down on his Dec. 10 call for monitoring mosques 24/7 in order to stop terrorism (video below).

During his appearance on "Fox News Sunday,"  King was asked about opposition to his surveillance plan from civil libertarians and constitutionalists.

“Yeah, listen, they can cry all they want," he responded, according to "The fact is, that is where the threat is coming from."

King then explained how he is going to swear into office the first elected Muslim on Long Island.

“This is nothing against Muslims, but the fact is, that is where the threat is coming from," he added. "And we're kidding ourselves if we have this blind political correctness, which makes no sense.”

King didn't define "blind political correctness," but said that one of the Boston Marathon bombers was kicked out of a mosque because of his radical thoughts and statements, but no one ever told law enforcement.

King lamented that Muslims on Long Island don't tell police about other Muslims with radical ideas or statements.

King went on to say that police tell him off-the-record that the Muslim communities do not cooperate much with law enforcement but didn't provide any evidence of his assertion.

King said that police in New York were infiltrating mosques despite unidentified "restraints" that are supposedly placed on them. King added that federal agents cannot infiltrate mosques.

While King called for monitoring mosques, an Islamic Center in Tracy, California, was firebombed on Dec. 26 with a Molotov cocktail.

"It's very clear to me it's a hate crime," Ghaleb Abdulla, a member of the board of trustees at the Islamic Center, told KCRA.

The makeshift device included a rag and an accelerant inside a wine bottle.

"Just because it's a house of worship, it would be investigated as a hate crime," Lt. Mike Van Grouw, of the San Joaquin Sheriff's Office, told the news station. "We were able to pick up the glass fragments and any incendiary type items to have tested later."

Luckily, no one was inside the mosque at the time of the attack, and no injuries were reported.

There was also a suspicious fire set at a mosque in Houston, and a firebombing of another mosque in Southern California in early December.

Sources:, KCRA / Photo Credit: Fox News Screenshot

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