61 Percent Want Trump Out If Guilty Of Harassment

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According to a new poll, almost two-thirds of Americans believe President Donald Trump should be removed from office if any of the sexual harassment allegations against him are true.

The Quinnipiac poll, taken Nov. 15-20, found 61 percent thought Trump should be impeached and forced to give up the presidency if he is guilty.

At 88 percent, the majority of those who believe Trump should be impeached if he sexually harassed women are Democrats. But 59 percent of Independents and 28 percent of Republicans also hold the same view.

In addition, 59 percent of voters said they do not believe that Trump "respects women just as much as he respects men"; 91 percent are Democrats, while 27 percent are Republicans.

The poll is sparking controversy on the internet. People on all parts of the political spectrum were unhappy with the results.

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"ONLY 61%???" wrote one person under AOL's comments section. "Let him pop a mint and grab the other 39. That video/audio was good enough to get Billy Bush fired.  Why does Trump get the low bar?"

The commenter was referring to a tape that was released during the presidential election where Trump said he could kiss women and grab them by their genitals. He made the comments off camera to host Billy Bush while recording a show for "Access Hollywood."

Meanwhile, some conservatives found the results hypocritical.

"Trump's transgressions don't hold a candle to Bill Clinton's use of the oval office to get his kicks with Monica," added another. "But you Democrats go ahead and knock yourselves out. It's a huge waste of time and money.  But, time is all you have now that you've been kicked to the curb."

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Some even approached the poll with skepticism, arguing it was likely a misleading representation of how most Americans feel.

"Another poll that is not right," commented one. "Same folks that missed the primaries and election. Anyhow, 61% of Americans can't agree on the color of the sky."

The poll also asked voters about Alabama Republican Roy Moore, who is running for Senate while simultaneously accused of molesting or dating minors.

If he wins, 6 in 10 voters say Moore should be expelled from the Senate; at 33 percent, approximately one-third of those are Republicans.

"A vast majority of American men and women are deeply troubled by sexual harassment and the numbers underscore why," said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

"Roy Moore may make it to the Senate chambers, but an overwhelming majority of American voters would like to rip the welcome mat out from under him and send him packing back to Alabama," he added.

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