60% of Americans: Let Military Decide 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'


Today, FRC Action, the legislative action arm of Family Research Council, released the results of a commissioned national survey showing that the American people by a 3 to 1 overwhelming majority say that military leaders should make the decision on whether or not homosexuals should serve openly in the military.

The scientific survey by Zogby International asked the following question of likely voters: "As it pertains to homosexuals openly serving in the military, do you believe this decision is best made by military leaders or Congress?"

An overwhelming majority of voters (59%) chose military leaders as the most capable decision makers compared to (23%) who chose Congress. Almost one in five, (18%) were unsure.

"The American people by a three to one margin believe that uniformed military leaders should be a part of shaping this policy, it should not be done by politicians," noted FRC Action President Tony Perkins.

"This Administration and liberals in Congress are attempting to use the military to advance a radical agenda as payoff to their homosexual base of political support. Congress and the White House should be listening to our military commanders and exhausting every resource to understand the concerns of our troops - who will not only be forced to live under this new rule, but who can evaluate the issue through the lens of practicality," said Perkins.

"The study conducted by the Department of Defense should be the start of debate in Congress, not the useless afterthought that President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Senator Levin's actions will reduce it to," concluded Perkins.

Zogby International reports, "A majority in nearly every sub-group believes that military leaders should make the decision about homosexuals serving openly in the military. Exceptions include Democrats (37%), those under 30 (45%), single people (44%), and African Americans (44%) where a plurality believe military leaders should make the decision. One in five (21%) of those who are or has a family member who is a member of the Armed Forces thinks that Congress should make the decision, while 14% of this group is not sure."


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