60 Minutes Benghazi Report Says Attack Was Planned, Sophisticated (Video)


60 Minutes reported on the Benghazi attack Sunday night, pointing out primarily the Obama administration’s failure to protect Americans.

The report called the attack "planned" and "sophisticated".

The report stated that there were multiple warnings, as well as misinformation about what actually incited the attacks.

The report denied the anti-Muslim Youtube video as a cause and pinpointed the event as an Al Qaeda operation from the beginning.

During the show, 60 Minutes tweeted bits of its segment.

In one tweet, 60 Minutes noted that one security official said the attacks were no surprise because Al Qaeda had posted about their plots against the U.S. online. The same security official allegedly told Ambassador Chris Stevens 3 months before the attack that an assault would occur.

The report added that a CIA quick reaction force was ordered to suspend their rescue attempt, though the force ignored its orders and was able to repel 60 terrorists and save five Americans.

Sources: The Blaze, LI


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