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46 Million Americans Aided by Food Stamps, Sen. Jeff Sessions Furious

Last Friday, the United States Department of Agriculture released new statistics for the food stamps program, also known as SNAP (the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program).

According to, the report states that in 2012 an average of 46,609,072 people were helped by SNAP every month.

The state with the highest average number of people in need per month in 2012 was Texas, with 4,038,440. The second highest was California with 3,964,221, and Florida was third with 3,353,064.

Wyoming had the lowest number of people on food stamps with 34,347, out of an estimated population of 576,412.

In response to the report, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) suggested that people on food stamps do not have the same "pride" and "self-respect" as people who are not on food stamps.

"Our government is running food stamp promotions at foreign embassies. One worker was given an award for overcoming ‘mountain pride’ and getting more people to sign up. Where I grew up in Alabama, all honest work, even the hardest, was honored. And pride, self-respect, and a desire to be independent was valued, not a thing to be overcome," said Sen. Sessions.

Sen. Sessions also blamed the food stamp program, which he called a "broken welfare state,"  for somehow contributing to poverty, even though the program was never designed to increase income, but rather provide nutrition.

"Despite this fountain of federal funds, 1 in 3 children still live in poverty in our nation’s capital. Two in three children live in single parent homes. In nearby Baltimore - another city governed by liberal policies for decades - 1 in 3 residents are on food stamps and in 1 in 3 youth live in poverty. Americans are committed to helping our sisters and brothers who are struggling, but we are seeing the damaging human consequences of our broken welfare state," said Sessions.



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