31 U.S. Abortion Clinics Have Closed in Past Year


It has seemed to me an awful lot of abortion mills have been closing lately (for instance, here and here).

So Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue was kind enough to compile a list for us.

OR keeps the most accurate and up-to-date record of active and closed abortion mills I’m aware of.

Cheryl tallied a whopping 31 abortion mills that have closed just this past year. Meanwhile, 9 new mills have opened. So there has been a net loss of 22, which is great.

As of now a total of 689 surgical abortion clinics remain in the US, from a high of almost 2,200 in 1991. (This number does not include abortion mills that solely commit medical abortions, i.e., distribute the abortion pill, RU-486.)

As OR writes, “The pro-life movement should take encouragement in the fact that since 1991 over two-thirds of all abortion clinics have permanently closed.”

Read the list of 31 closed clinics here.


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