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A $30K iPhone? Democratic National Convention Organizers Caught Inflating the Price of Lost Electronics

The organizers of the 2012 Democratic National Convention filed a police report grossly overestimating the cost of lost or stolen electronics. ABC News exposed the exaggerated report, which was filed with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department on May 10.

The report claims that between Sept. 6 and Sept. 14, 2012, there were 41 electronic items that went missing from the North Carolina convention. The problem is organizers valued the items as much as 62 times their actual market price and totaling more than $450,000.

The report values a lost iPhone at $30,503, a Blackberry at $54,250 and a 13-inch MacBook Pro laptop at $75,537. It lists a 16 GB iPod Nano, which costs about $140 retail, at $1,639. A $69 Apple Magic Mouse was valued at $2,760. A $179 HP lithium ion battery for a laptop was valued at $2,190.

The list also include two iPads worth about $15,000 and Apple laptops from $14,000 to $16,000. The grand total for the 41 items came to $465,142.97.

Deputy in-house counsel for the Democratic National Convention Committee, Kenneth Hardy, filed the report on behalf of the DNCC Host Committee.

The DNC would not respond to ABC’s request for comment.

The 2012 convention was held Sept. 3 to Sept. 6 in Charlotte, N.C.  

Sources: ABC News, BizPac Review


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