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2nd New Hampshire Democrat Has Sarah Palin Death Wish

Democrats in New Hampshire really don't like Sarah Palin, apparently. A second one is under fire for writing anti-Palin comments. This time, though, it cost him his job.

First, Democratic candidate for state representative Keith Halloran wrote on Facebook that he wished Palin was on the plane that killed former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens.

State Rep. Timothy Horrigan followed up that offensive post with one of his own on the social media site:

"Just for the record, I don't wish Sarah Palin dead...but not merely for compassionate reasons. I also want her to live because a living Sarah Palin is less dangerous than a dead one."

Unlike Halloran, who refuses to apologize or drop out of the race, Horrigan resigned, writing to the House Speaker:

"I wish to resign from the House of Representatives effective immediately, and to discontinue my re-election campaign. I apologize for thoughtless remarks I made which have brought this House into disrepute."

Horrigan then went on Facebook to continue his apology tour:

"I would like to offer a specific apology for making comments about Sarah Palin which could be -- and were -- misconstrued. She is, as far as I know, not a bad person at all -- and certainly she deserves to live a long and happy life."


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