2015: Net Neutrality Will Be A Partisan War


It looks like the year ahead will be another feisty, partisan battle between Republicans and Democrats. This time the issue will be net neutrality.

In one corner we have the Democrats, positioned in the White House, supporting a Title II foundation to regulate the internet as a utility for everyone to access equally.

In the other corner we have the Republicans, favoring the telecom corporations and the lack of regulation to ensure an open internet.

In the past, internet regulation has been a bipartisan issue, but now we have a partisan battle with the Federal Communications Commission in the middle.

Current FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has been trying to create new internet regulation laws that can withstand the legal challenges that the telecom companies will pursue. Verizon, AT&T, and Comcast have opposed any new regulation and will likely bring suit to hault regulation.

RT has reported that the FCC is expected to announce new net neutrality rules in early 2015.

Politico notes that some GOP members are planning to block the FCC's regulations, perhaps even before the FCC can announce.

If they do so, growing tensions over communication law could spill over into a larger policy debate. Right now, complaints about net neutrality are founded in the telecom company's implementation of internet “fast lanes.” These fast lanes will give priority to users who pay more to the telecom companies, according to Tech Times.

In November, President Obama called for net neutrality to regulate the telecom companies from using fast lanes.

For now, we wait for the first punch to be made. Whether its the White House and the FCC announcing new regulation or the Republicans blocking legislation from the FCC, there will be a fight over net neutrality.

Sources: Politico, RT, Tech Times / Photo Credit: Ali Spanola


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