2012 Presidential Election Numbers: 7 Things You May have Missed


The magical 270 was the number most people cared about last night -- grab that many electoral votes and you win the White House -- but if you dig deeper into the presidential election results, you may find some interesting tidbits of information.

1. There were five states that had all of their counties voting for just one candidate. Those states include Massachusetts and Hawaii (for Obama), and Oklahoma, Utah and West Virginia (for Romney). The other 45 states had at least one county voting for each of the two major candidates.

2. Most presidential candidates carry their "home" states. But not Romney. He didn't win a single county in Massachusetts -- or any state in New England. It's very difficult to attain 270 when you can't defend your home turf.

3. By now, you likely know that Paul Ryan was also unable to carry his home state of Wisconsin. But that's not the whole story. Ryan couldn't even win Cook County, his home county. Obama won with more than 60 percent of the county's vote, which is a disastrous result for the Republican vice presidential candidate. While pundits claim Ryan is the new face of the Republican party moving forward, GOP insiders must be concerned when a candidate can't even win his own neighborhood -- one filled with plenty of family members and political chronies.

4. Why does Donald Trump live and work in Manhattan? The man literally makes his home in enemy territory. Or at least a place where the great majority of people adore the president he personally despises. A whopping 83 percent of Manhattan voters chose Obama over Romney last night, which makes one wonder: Is The Donald -- who was stunned by the election results -- that oblivious to the people around him?

5. Speaking of places Donald Trump might like better, if you look at all the counties in America that have at least 100,000 citizens, the most red county in America last night had to be Utah County, Utah. Home to Salt Lake City and Provo, this county gave Romney nearly 89 percent of the vote. Yes, something tells me Romney's religion had something to do with this result. 

6. Florida was the last state in the union to declare a winner. This afternoon, the Sunshine State went blue for Barack Obama, giving the president 332 electoral votes. The vote was super close and would have likely produced 2000-like chaos, if the state's 29 electoral votes decided the election like Bush v. Gore.

7. For awhile last night, it looked like Romney would compete for the popular vote. But we now realize that was wishful thinking for the GOP. Obama currently leads by nearly 3 million votes -- and that number will likely grow when the many provisional and mail-in California votes are counted over the coming days and weeks. What's the point of this? This election wasn't as close as we may have thought early last night.

Thank you NYTimes for the stats: http://elections.nytimes.com/2012/results/president


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