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2010 Annual Rant Awards

It's that time again when we pass out kudos and condemnation to those most deserving. Here's this year's list of Rant Award winners. Just what exactly an RA is, is up for debate…

Best Knocking Off of a High Horse Award

The public and media backlash from Canada and the U.S. against snooty U.K. journalist Martin Samuel for his hatchet piece on the Vancouver Winter Olympics. How many medals does England have…?

Most Underrated Politician Award

Two words: Sarah Palin. She is far more intelligent than she is portrayed. She is still very popular in some circles and she is not going away.

Most Overrated Politician Award

Two words: Barack Obama. Okay, so that's the obvious choice, I'll give you that. I'm not the only one who has figured this one out by now. But there were other very deserving candidates in the running from all over the globe. It wasn't that much of a shoe-in. Really. Don't give me that look…

Best YouTube Videos You Should Make Your Kids Watch Award

Any of Penn & Teller's Bullshi*t! episodes targeting issues like P.E.T.A., recycling, and the environmental movement. They are a great and direct antidote to the real bullsh*t they are being taught in the classroom.

Best Online Political Resource Award

This was a tough one right from the start. With so many quality sites representing both partisan and non-partisan points of view, it was a tough call. Old personal favourites like The Land of the Free ( and the Western Standard's Shotgun Blog ( are always top-notch destinations for the politically inclined, particularly those with a decidedly conservative slant. After much thought and consideration, I just couldn't make the call between my final two choices. This category ends in a tie.

The first RA goes to the 'premier conservative site on the net', Free Republic ( This has long been my first stop to catch the latest conservative news and views. Fantastic array of writers and sources, albeit housed in a basic, no-nonsense presentation. The best and the brightest of rightwing pundits from America and around the world.

The second winner of this category is a site that I have only recently become familiar with, and I can honestly claim to be a fan from the first second. Opposing Views ( is a cool site which features viewpoints from across the political spectrum. Categorized into groups and subgroups that include politics, society, health, money, and religion, opinions run the gamut. There's always a new poll to take part in or a new article to agree - or disagree- with. Quickly becoming my number one.

The Predictable as Death and Taxes Award

MP James Moore and the other handful of idiots who made sure Canada didn't have an international event without playing the bilingual card. Another day, another numbskull bitching that there wasn't enough representation of both Canada's two official languages at some public event. How do you say 'learn to speak English like normal people or get a separation referendum right already' in French?

The Who's the Dummy Now, eh? Award

George W. Bushwarned us that Iraq, Iran, and North Korea would become global threats if not taken seriously. He took out Iraq. Then he was summarily dismissed as a failed, lying president. Now, Iran and North Korea are close to, if not already, threats to the global community. I hope that somewhere, someday, Dubya will get to shout out a big 'I told you so'.

Best Site That Gives Me the Munchies Award

I love hanging out over at Cannabis Culture Marijuana Magazine Online ( Featuring Canada's 'Prince of Pot' Marc Emery, the British Columbia, Canada-based site includes counter-culture views and news from a variety of sources. Watch a little '' or spend some time in their chat forum. Where are those Oreo's...

Best Ass Kiss of a Blogger Award

Natasha R. of Iowa wins this by a landslide for her comment "…I've been a fan of yours for about a year now. I never knew until just recently that you were Canadian. From the content of your writing and your point of view, along with your knowledge of the United States, I always assumed you were American." That kind of flattery will win you the RA every year.


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