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2 New Polls: Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich Dead Heat in Florida

This has been a really bad seven-day stretch for Mitt Romney. First his win in Iowa is taken away from him, then he suffers an embarrassing loss in South Carolina, and then he finally releases his taxes and faces massive criticism for his low tax rate. And the hits just keep on coming -- two new polls show him in a virtual tie with Newt Gingrich in the next battleground state of Florida.

The polls by CNN/Time and Quinnipiac University have identical numbers -- Romney with 36%, Gingrich at 34%. It is a dead heat when you add in the margin of error.

Romney previously had a lead in the Florida polls, just as he led in South Carolina only to lose that primary by 13 points. Romney's lone win came in New Hampshire, his adopted home state.

Time writes of the numbers:

Romney leads Gingrich among female and white voters, voters over 50, and those with a college degree.

Gingrich holds leads among men, Tea Party voters, self-identified conservatives—among whom he boasts a 10-point advantage—and born-again Christians. His fans also appear to be more committed than Romney’s. Four of five Gingrich backers say their minds are made up, compared to less than two thirds of the former Massachusetts governor’s supporters.


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