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2 Live Crew's Luther Campbell Running for Miami Mayor; Wants to Tax Strippers

Former 2 Live Crew leader Luther Campbell is running to be the next mayor of Miami. Part of his platform is a tax on strippers.

The idea is not to tax men who get lap dances. "So, fellas, relax," Campbell writes in the Miami New Times. No, he wants charge strippers for a permit to allow them to dance. He continues:

What I'm proposing is actually done in other major metropolitan areas. Take Atlanta. The city charges exotic dancers $350 for a permit to perform. In Houston, the city just raised its license fee for a new "gentlemen's club" dancer from $60 to $250. In some cities, these licenses have produced millions of dollars in annual revenue. And considering the hole that (current mayor Carlos) Alvarez dug for us, this could be a big plus.

Campbell pointed out that Miami has more strip clubs than any other American city. A permit system would raise millions of dollars for much-needed city services, in addition to keeping underage girls off the runway.

Campbell said he's not worried about losing the stripper vote with his plan.

On the campaign trail, voters and radio show hosts have been telling me that exotic dancers are not going to like me. They aren't going to vote for Luther Campbell because of my proposal to tax them. That is just flat wrong. Strippers love Luke.


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