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Woman Born Before Suffrage Casts Ballot For Clinton

A centenarian woman who was born before the passage of the 19th Amendment has cast her early vote for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, fulfilling a lifelong dream.

On Nov. 1, 102-year-old Geraldine "Jerry" Emmett of Arizona cast her ballot for Clinton, a presidential candidate that she has admired since she became the first lady, The Huffington Post reports.

“It was the greatest thrill of my life; I just wish my mother and dad could see all of this,” Emmett said after casting her vote.

Emmett is legally blind and renowned for her continuing fondness of beer. Born in 1914, Emmett was 6 years old when the 19th Amendment was passed, guaranteeing women the right to vote, The Washington Post reports.

Emmett was an honorary Arizona delegate during the Democratic National Convention in July. She helped announce her state’s votes for Clinton on the convention floor, fulfilling a lifelong dream to see a woman become the Democratic nominee.

“My whole life, I keep asking God, let me have one more chance -- if you let me go to the convention [to see the first woman to be nominated for president], I’ll go home to heaven without making a little fuss,” Emmett said.

Emmett has been a lifelong supporter of the Democratic Party and has a special place in her heart for Clinton. The centenarian started a fan club for the former first lady in the early 1990s and has a room in her house adorned with Clinton campaign paraphernalia.

“I’m strictly joined at the hip to Hillary Clinton, and I’ve admired her all of her life,” Emmett told the Phoenix New Times, adding that she views the Democratic nominee as the spiritual successor to former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

And what does Emmett think of Republican nominee Donald Trump?

“I think he’s a jerk -- and that’s about all I can say,” she said.

The centenarian has attributed her longevity to the civil rights advancements in the U.S., stating that they reinvigorate her.

“I surely didn’t plan to live past 100 years old,” Emmett said. “When I did, I saw all these things that were happening, it was like I had a shot in the arm.

During the convention, former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal of Arizona invited Emmett to join him at Clinton’s inaugural celebration, should the Democratic nominee win the November election.

Emmett firmly believes Clinton will win on Nov. 8, which would cap her dreams of seeing a woman occupy the Oval Office.

“I will be so proud to see a woman president of the United States of America,” Emmett said.

Sources: The Huffington PostPhoenix New Times, The Washington Post / Photo credit: Miriam Wesser/Phoenix New Times

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