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10 Colorado Counties Considering Seceding To Form New State

Are we on the verge of getting a 51st state?

Members of 10 Colorado counties met on Monday to discuss the possibility of seceding from Colorado and forming a state that critics have dubbed “Weldistan” after the county leading the movement. The heavily conservative values of the counties are prompting them to consider secession.

“Some will call [it] extreme, maybe aggressive,” said Weld County Commissioner Douglas Rademacher. “I would say absolutely. Extreme times call for extreme actions.”

Proponents of leaving Colorado say that they have lost representation in Denver and that the Democrat-dominated state government has been ignoring the interests of conservative, rural citizens in favor of the interests of liberal, urban residents.

Another Weld County commissioner, Sean Conway, called the most recent Democrat-controlled state legislature session “a nightmare session,” The Daily Caller reported.

“This was the worse legislative session I’ve ever seen, how they treated people, how they called bills up on the same day without giving people a chance to testify,” he said.

SB 252, a measure that was recently signed into law requiring rural electrical cooperatives to double the amount of renewable energy they offer to customers by 2020, was cited by many of the county commissioners attending the meeting as being the final straw.

“[Senate Bill] 252 is a perfect example of where they rammed it down our throat,” said Yuma County Commissioner Trent Bushner. “They turned a blind eye to satisfy [Hickenlooper’s] buddies in the environmental groups.”

Even if the new state is not created overnight, Bushner hopes that Colorado will take notice of the concerns of himself and his constituents.

“I’m excited about what we can learn from this and where we can take it, but quite honestly, I want this to be a shot across the bow for them to start listening to us,” he said.

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