Corrections Policy

Opposing Views strives to ensure all content we publish is accurate. It is our policy to promptly correct errors that we discover or are brought to our attention.


Clarifications and corrections should be clear and easy for the reader to understand. Anyone reading the correction should be able to see why the mistake has been corrected. We will always place clarifications and corrections at the bottom of articles we publish to our website.

Social media

When inaccurate information is published on social media, Opposing Views should address it in a timely manner either by editing the original post to note the error or by publishing a new post acknowledging the error.

Take-down (“unpublish”) requests

As a matter of editorial policy, only those articles that have serious errors and show proof of libelous content, will be considered for “take-down”, and will be done so only after thorough investigation from the Opposing Views editorial team. It should be noted that we would prefer to correct an article rather than unpublish it.

How to bring an error to the notice of Opposing Views

If you believe information we have published is in need of correction, please send an email to the following address: Our editorial team will fact check the complaint in a timely manner to see if a correction is needed.