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Woman Hits Boyfriend After He Proposes in Mall (Video)

A young man recently proposed to a girl, whom he had been dating for three months, in a shopping mall in Dubai, but his romantic effort did not have a Hollywood ending.

A video (below) of the failed proposal was recently uploaded to YouTube, notes the Daily Mail.

The young man and the girl walk up to some musicians in the mall, where he suddenly takes their microphone and states: "I have a very special message for a very special girl. This is where we met three months ago. You are my charm, you are my sweety pie, you are my cutie pie, my absolute everything, and I know you find this cheesy but I want everyone to know, you make me really happy."

The man then recites a poem: "When you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while. And my heart ceases to beat and there is nothing else I seek except you. And I Just have one question for you. You truly make me that happiest person on earth."

When he bends down to propose, the girl tries to stop him, but he gets to one knee and begins.

She then takes a miniature guitar from one of the muscians, hits the man and storms off.

Some have suggested the video may be a publicity stunt.

Source: Daily Mail


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