Woman Accidentally Swallows $5,000 Diamond at Florida Charity Event

What was meant to be a surprise for one lucky person at a Florida charity event turned into an even greater shock when an elderly woman accidentally swallowed the $5,000 diamond that had been placed in her champagne glass.

According to WGAL News 8, organizers placed the diamond – which had been donated by a local jeweler to the Tampa Women’s Club – into one of the 400 glasses that were later served to the event’s attendees.

But instead of hearing shouts of excitement and joy at the discovery of a $5,000 treasure, organizers heard… nothing.

“We were going table to table,” Andrew Meyer, a partner at Continental Wholesale Diamond, told ABC Action News. “There were 400 flutes so we were going quickly table to table and in the end there was no diamond.”

The woman, who declined to be interviewed by local media agencies, ended up getting the ring – but in a slightly different way than organizers had originally intended.

The Inquisitr reported that the woman had a colonoscopy scheduled for that week, during which the ring was found and eventually brought back to Continental Wholesale Diamond for verification purposes.

“She came with it in a bio-hazard bag and it wasn’t even cleaned,” joked Joy Pierson, a partner at Continental Wholesale Diamond.

Well, hopefully she was joking.

Sources: ABC Action News, Inquisitr, WGAL News 8


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