Window Washers Trapped Outside World Trade Center (Video)


Two window washers got stuck on their hanging platform outside the 68th floor of the One World Trade Center in New York City today.

For reasons unknown, the washers' platform had developed some slack and was hanging almost vertically on the side of the 1,776-foot building (video below).

“We were either going to go with scaffolding and lower it down to the guys, and they would transfer over to another scaffolding safely," said Lt. Billy Ryan of FDNY Rescue One, noted CBS New York. "And the other option we were going with, which we were involved with, was there’s three panes of glass and basically cutting the glass away."

Rescuers cut through three layers of glass panes with diamond saws from inside the building.

For about 90 minutes, Juan Lizama and Juan Lopez were tethered to the scaffolding.

"I see two heads dangling over the scaffolding and one of the guys, they just keep looking down," witness Reginald Moye told CNN. "They look like they're maybe five feet in the middle of the scaffold, hanging."

Sources: CBS New York, CNN


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