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Wind Blows Bounce House With Kids Inside (Video)

An inflatable bounce house took a wild tumble in a Littleton, Colo., park over the weekend, thanks to a huge gust of wind.

Two ten-year-old children were inside the bounce house, which rolled about 300 feet (video below).

The children were taken to a local hospital, but their conditions are not known.

“We saw the wind kicking up and all of a sudden the wind took the jumpy slide with it and we were just horrified,” one witness told ABC News.

A few weeks ago, a bounce house in South Glens Falls, N.Y., was lifted 50 feet into the air with three children inside, reported the Glen Falls Post-Star.

The wind blew the bounce house from an apartment complex, over some woods, to a nearby school.

One boy broke both his arms, while another suffered head trauma. A 10-year-old girl suffered minor scrapes when she fell a short distance as the bounce house began to lift off.

Sources: ABC News and Glen Falls Post-Star


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