U.S. Vet Not Allowed to Fly American Flag at Her Apartment (Video)


Jen Elliot was recently told by the management at her Citrus Heights, California apartment building that she could not fly an American flag from her balcony.

Elliot is an injured U.S. veteran who served in Afghanistan (video below).

“I was very upset and very offended by it,” Elliot told CBS Sacramento. “We live in America. Why shouldn’t we fly our flag proudly?”

Elliot admits her lease says "you cannot have flags, plants or wind chimes," but adds, "it does say that the American flag can be displayed within the laws of the state and proper flag etiquette. And mine is.”

After being contact by CBS Sacramento, the apartment manager told Elliot she could fly her American flag, but it could not be screwed into the siding of her balcony.

Elliot has threatened to move out unless she can keep her flag right where it is today.

“I’ll take my plants and wind chimes down, it that’s what you want. But I’m not taking that flag down,” states Elliot.

The property management company is going to meet with Elliot on Monday to try to come to a resolution.

Source: CBS Sacramento


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