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Tornadoes Wreak Havoc In Illinois, One Man Ignored Warnings (Video)

Tornadoes hit Illinois, Iowa and Ohio on Thursday.

Illinois took two of the hardest blows. One tornado slammed into Rochelle, while a second decimated the small town of Fairdale, noted CNN.

CBS Chicago reports that Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner of Illinois said that two people died in Fairdale following the massive wedge tornado. About 50 of the 75 buildings in the town were damaged. Many families are homeless.

Emergency crews were still searching homes this morning for more wounded or dead.

Videos (below) of the Illinois tornadoes were shot by onlookers. One video shows a truck being tipped over on a highway.

Fairdale resident Al Zammuto told the Associated Press that he ignored tornado warnings on his cell phone because similar warnings had proven not to be serious.

However, soon after Zammuto got this warnings, his windows exploded. He said that Fairdale looked "like a landfill" after the tornado.

The tornado in Rochelle did not result in any reported deaths, but 18 to 20 homes were damaged or leveled.

One local restaurant was destroyed, but patrons and employees hid in the basement. Firefighters later freed them from the rubble above.

Sources: CBS Chicago, Associated Press, CNN
Image: Tyler Olson/Live Storms Media Screenshot


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