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Topless Woman Goes Crazy in McDonald's, Steals Ice Cream (Video)

A recently released surveillance video shows an unidentified topless woman clad in a black thong becoming irate and stealing ice cream at a McDonald's in St. Petersburg, Fla.

In the video (below) posted on LiveLeak, the woman screams at employees, slams her head into the counter and then comes around to the workers' side, notes the Daily Mail.

After tossing products from a refrigerator onto the floor and tipping over a cash register, the woman places her head under an ice cream machine and turns it on, reports the New York Daily News.

The surveillance video is narrated by some McDonald's employees watching with glee.

"This woman is my new role model," says an employee.

After stealing the ice cream, the woman finally leaves. It's unknown when this video was shot or if the woman was ever arrested.

Sources: Daily Mail and New York Daily News



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