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Teen Secretly Lives in Walmart for Days (Video)

An unidentified 14-year-old boy secretly lived in a Walmart store in Corsicana, Tx., for four days.

The teen set up two "homes" inside the 24-hour store. He lived behind some baby products and strollers, and hid between some massive stacks of paper towels and toilet paper, reports CBS Dallas-Fort Worth (video below).

The boy slept on a makeshift bed and fed himself from the food aisles, even cracking a hole in a wall to get juice from a nearby drink aisle.

The teen changed clothes every few hours to escape detection by Walmart employees, but tripped up when he decided to wear diapers instead of using the bathroom. It was this trail of waste that led employees to his secret lairs.

The Walmart store called the police who released the boy to some relatives.

According to the New York Daily News, the incident began when he ran away from his aunt’s home where he was staying while his parents were out of town. He apparently sneaked out while his aunt was watching TV.

The boy’s mother told police that her son likes to hide in abandoned homes, businesses and outdoor creeks.

Police said there was no indication that the boy was a "victim of possible abuse or neglect or was living in a dangerous environment."

Sources: CBS Dallas-Fort Worth, New York Daily News


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