SpaghettiOs Remembers Pearl Harbor Anniversary in Controversial Tweet


SpaghettiOs tried to honor the anniversary of the Dec. 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor attack on Friday night on Twitter.

According to, SpaghettiOs tweeted it's smiling "O" cartoon character holding an American flag with the caption: "Take a moment to remember #PearlHarbor with us."

Apparently, the smiling "O" came off to some offended folks as trying to capitalize or exploit the fallen at Pearl Harbor.

Later, SpaghettiOs removed the offending tweet and tweeted: “We apologize for our recent tweet in remembrance of Pearl Harbor Day. We meant to pay respect, not to offend.”

Fox News reports that more than 2,400 Americans were killed in Pearl Harbor, which led to America joining World War II.

Long before Twitter or SpaghettiOs, it was common to use animated cartoon characters during World War II.

Superman, Donald Duck, Popeye and Bugs Bunny all appeared in patriotic flag-waving cartoons promoting America, while slamming the Nazis and the Japanese, notes

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