Snow Plow Caught Driving Wrong Way on Road (Video)


A motorist in Arlington, Va. caught a snow plow driving the wrong way this morning.

Jason Berry filmed the snow plow, which was in the opposing lane, going the wrong direction (video below).

In the video, the snow plow approaches a car head-on, to which Berry says, "Real smart, buddy."

“I came over a hill and headed right towards me was this snow plow in my lane,” Berry told “The driver did not move or slow down, I was forced out of my lane into the deeper snow in between lanes. I temporarily lost control of my car and managed to use the e-brake to slide to a stop.”

“I then was facing the other direction in the other lane so I proceeded to catch back up to the plow and that is where the video starts,” added Berry.

"This is completely unacceptable behavior for snow plowing and it was in violation of Arlington County's plow driver practices and training," Dave Hundelt, of the Water/Sewer/Streets Bureau at the Arlington County Department of Environmental Services, told My Fox DC.

"As soon as the County learned of the unacceptable behavior, we identified the driver and removed him from duty. We will be taking appropriate action with this employee," said Hundelt.

Sources: My Fox DC and


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