Skydivers Stage Daring Rescue in Mid-Air, Video Goes Viral


Jamie Lee collided with a fellow skydiver earlier this month when they jumped out of a plane over Wiltshire County in England.

Lee was knocked unconscious before he pulled his parachute and started free-falling 12,500 feet.

Fortunately, two other skydivers noticed his chute had not opened and staged a daring mid-air rescue in which they pulled his parachute. The incident was captured on a video (below) by a camera attached to Lee.

Lee started to regain consciousness after his chute was opened. He only suffered minor injuries to his head and neck, but did not recall the accident.

According to, Lee is no amateur, he has made 1050 skydiving jumps.

"I am very glad that everything unfolded how it did," Lee told The Telegraph. "This is not something you are taught to do or practice for as it is very uncommon. I think my mum and girlfriend are more relieved than I am."

"It hasn't put me off [skydiving] at all," added Lee. "I have not jumped too much lately because of the weather, but will be back in the sport this season."

So far the video, which was uploaded today, has over 700K views on YouTube.

Sources: and The Telegraph


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