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Skydiver Falls to His Death During Family's Easter Egg Hunt (Video)

A family in Washington Township, N.J. was hunting for Easter eggs on Sunday when skydiver Arkady Shenker crashed in their backyard.

Shenker reportedly jumped out of an airplane operated by the Freefall Adventures Skydiving School.  Shenker was wearing a “wing suit” that allowed him to fly forwards, but the suit may not have opened correctly.

The Dye family was having their yearly Easter egg hunt when they noticed some skydivers in the air (video below).

"I saw the jumpers," Annie Marie Dye told 6 Action News. "Then I noticed one, and he kind of looked like he was unconscious. He was just spinning."

"We seen him coming down," Lamont Dye told NBC Philadelphia. "He was going around and around and the chute was here and he was here. As soon as I seen that I knew he was in trouble."

After Shenker crashed in their backyard, the Dye family tried to help him. Shenker was not conscious, but was breathing. Paramedics rushed him to a local hospital where he died.

"He knew it was risky, but he didn't want to live scared of risk," stated Shenker's son, Alex.

The Freefall Adventures Skydiving School has been in business 25 years and states on its website, "Our skydives are made from 13,500 feet, 35% higher than our competition."

The Washington Township Police Department, the Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office and the FAA are investigating the incident.

"Last year there were 24 skydiving accidents out of 3.2 million jumps," Nancy Koreen, of the US Parachute Association, told NBC Philadelphia. "There have been between 20 and 25 accidents over the last five to ten years."

Sources: 6 Action News and NBC Philadelphia


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