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Restaurant Bans Children Under Eight Years Old After 7 P.M.

The La Fisheria restaurant in Houston, Texas, has delighted customers and infuriated others with its new policy of not allowing children under eight years old after 7 p.m.

The controversial policy was announced on the restaurant's Facebook page, which reads: "After 7:00 pm, people over eight years old only. . . We are a family friendly restaurant, and we also respect all of our customers so we introduce this new policy to the restaurant. Thanks for your understanding."

For those who don't use Facebook, La Fisheria posted the new policy on its door.

"We find children that are crying, some kids running under tables, and our customers don’t like. When we explain, [customers] say 'you’re right, at the end of the day, you’re thinking of us,'" La Fisheria executive chef Aguiles Chavez told KHOU-TV.

However, one of the negative Facebook commenters stated: "So, kids can't eat dinner at a normal time? They're not senior citizens. I could understand after 9pm, but I think it's important to show my child that there is culture and learning experiences in cuisine that stretches beyond chain restaurants.'

One of the many supporters wrote: "I think crying babies can ruin the entire meal for anyone close by, and unruly children can, too. I agree with this restaurant totally."

Sources: KHOU-TV and Facebook


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