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Poor Urination Skills in Public Bathrooms Will be Fined by City

People who urinate outside toilet bowls inside public bathrooms in Shenzhen, China will now be fined.

“Such uncouth use of a public toilet will be fined 100 yuan by authorities” said a Shenzhen government official on Tuesday, notes the South China Morning Post.

However, the new law has been mocked by users of China’s Weibo social network, which is like Twitter in the U.S.

“A number of new civil servant positions will be created. There will be a supervisor behind every urinating person to see whether the pee is straight,” wrote a Weibo user.

“It’s better to have no rule than a rule that cannot be implemented," said another Weibo user.

Shenzhen officials responsible for enforcing the toilet rules have not commented yet; nor have they explained how the new rule will be enforced.

According to the South China Morning Post, there have been pictures of people defecating in public posted on Weibo.

Source: South China Morning Post


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