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Pig Runs Loose Outside Burger King, Bites Customer (Video)

A potbellied pig paid a visit to a Burger King restaurant in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, on April 2.

The restaurant is in a rural area, so it's not uncommon for wild animals to roam nearby, but this was the first time a pig had made an appearance.

Burger King employee J.J. Nichols told WTAE (video below):

"Well, I came around the corner, around 5 a.m., behind us. And I saw a black pig just sitting behind our door. I wasn't real sure what it was. I was kind of scared. I got up and I realized it was a pig. And I was beating on the back door, yelling for a manager, and he was like, 'I'm not opening the back door, come around the side!'"

The Burger King manager thought the pig would wander away on its own, so the fast food joint opened for business while the beast roamed the parking lot for food handouts.

The pig bit a female customer on the foot, prompting a call to the Pennsylvania State Police.

"It was my fault. It was following people around trying to get food off of them," the customer, Ashlee Shawley, told subscription site Daily American, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Eventually, the pig's owner, Misty Brant, came to get her porker who had escaped from his pen, state police said.

"There were plenty of jokes all morning," Nichols added. "'Hey, you having some sort of sausage or bacon special going on, because you got a pig laying right by your drive-through.' I heard that one a lot."

Sources: WTAE, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Daily American
Image Credit: WTAE/Pennsylvania State Police Screenshot


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