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Parents Ruin Kids' Easter Egg Hunt With Pushing, Cursing (Video)

Blue Heart International, a charity, brought 510,000 Easter eggs to California's state Capitol in an effort to set a world record on Saturday.

Soon after the plastic Easter eggs were dropped on the Capitol grounds in Sacramento, chaos followed (video below).

While parents shoved and cursed, children cried during a mad dash to get the eggs, some of which could be exchanged for candy.

“It’s really ridiculous,” Michelle Rodriguez, a mom, told the Sacramento Bee. “Parents are literally pushing other people out of the way.”

"There was no organization at all, they all trampled each other. The little two and three year olds were crying and crying. All the parents were scooping up all the eggs for the older kids and it was horrible," Tessa Moon, another mom, told Reuters.

Trisha Pickerel, of Blue Heart International, shouted at people to follow the “honor system," but the pandemonium continued. When parents complained, Pickerel said, “We can’t control other people,” noted the Sacramento Bee.

"We’re doing it to raise awareness for Blue Heart International, the nonprofit my wife and I started," Blake McCall told CBS Sacramento. "We’re really passionate about helping children rescued out of human trafficking in our community."

No world record was set because the eggs arrived too late for Guinness World Records certification.

Sources: Sacramento Bee, Reuters, CBS Sacramento
Image Credit: Reuters Screenshot


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