Nude Swimmers Try to Set World Record

Hundreds of people joined a naked swim on Sunday in Sydney, Australia to try to set a new world's record for the largest nude ocean swim.

The second annual "Sydney Skinny" at Cobblers Beach in the Sydney Harbor National Park was originally created to promote "greater self-acceptance" and "to throw aside concerns of body image, to connect with nature and celebrate living with more courage and kindness," event creator Nigel Marsh told The Independent.

The Sydney Skinny also raises money for Australia's National Parks and Wildlife Projects.

More than 700 people entered the Tasman Sea to cool down from the brutal record setting heat in Australia (which U.S. climate deniers never mention), noted the Daily Mail.

The first Sydney Skinny was attended by 750 people last year, but there is not a specific count for yesterday's swim yet.

Some swimmers proudly wrote messages on their behinds, while some shy folks took off their towels at the very last moment.

Sources: Daily Mail and The Independent


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