New Trend: Women Perform Sex Acts on Men in Bars for Free Drinks


A blonde 18-year-old girl recently performed oral sex on 24 men inside a bar located in Magaluf, a touristy town on the Spanish island of Majorca.

After the British tourist completed the mass oral copulation on the dance floor, she was rewarded by the men with a $4 bottle of Cava, noted the Mirror.

A video of the incident was posted on the Spanish website, but was not an isolated incident.

The Huffington Post UK reports that this behavior is a popular new trend called "mamading," which is when men in Spanish bars encourage young women (usually from the UK) to perform oral sex in return for free booze and lots of male attention.

"There are more and more of these pub crawls being set up, and it’s competition, they’re just trying to make them more and more sexy," a Spanish club owner told

"I saw a lad blowing another lad the other day on a booze cruise," added the club owner. "The DJ just announced it, and he was like, 'Go on then.' It was for 20 extra points that don’t even exist. It’s a load of crap at the end of the day."

Local politicians have condemned mamading, ordered an investigation, but admit there may not be much they can do as the sex acts are voluntarily performed in privately-owned businesses.

Sources: Mirror, The Huffington Post UK,, (Image Credit: Martin Abegglen)


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