New Internet Craze is Drinking Your Own Urine, 'Bubbling' (Video)


Internet trends have come and gone, from chugging alcohol to inhaling cinnamon, but a new fad is far more disgusting.

Men and boys are engaging in what is called "bubbling," urinating into one's own mouth, notes

The "bubbling" craze originated in Australia, where skaters reportedly do it quite often (video below).

"It's huge in Australia," skater Troy West told "It's part of our everyday life. My dad actually taught me how to do it when I was a kid."

While drinking your own urine is not as dangerous as chugging booze, doctors do not recommend consuming your own bodily waste.

Australian rugby league player Todd Carney recently made headlines when he was fired for posting a picture of himself "bubbling" inside a hotel bathroom.

His supporters created a Facebook group called “Piss in your mouth for Todd Carney,” which states: “Todd Carney should not of been sacked. So show your support by doing it and we will post it."

However, as fast as people post pictures of themselves drinking their own urine, Facebook takes them down, reports The Sunday Morning Herald.

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