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McDonald's Offers Table Service In Germany

McDonald's is offering table service in Frankfurt, Germany.

As it has tried to do in the U.S., McDonald's is battling healthy-centered eateries such as Chipotle overseas.

"This is where McDonald's is headed," McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook recently announced during a reopening of the McDonald's in the Frankfurt Airport. That fast food joint now has 500 seats, reports Consumerist.

Waiters will carry computerized tablets to take orders, or folks can wait in line at the counter, or type their orders into a kiosk, notes Reuters.

McDonald's is testing several new services in Germany, Japan, Australia and the U.S.

In San Diego next month, McDonald's is going to try a custom-made hamburger menu and all-day breakfasts, which will likely please customers who have missed the morning deadline by two minutes.

Sources: Reuters, Consumerist
Image Credit: Marcel Klinger


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