Marine Vet Faces Eviction for Flying American, USMC Flags


Manuel Vega is facing eviction if he does not remove a U.S. Marine Corps flag and an American flag from his apartment balcony in Fredericksburg, Va.

Vega, who had three tours in Iraq and served in the Marine Corps for eight years, told that he has been flying his flags since October 2013, but got a notice on March 21 that read:

Although we appreciate and commend your patriotism, as a reminder per your lease agreement, you cannot have anything attached to the railing or any part of the building.

Grady Management, which owns the apartment building, did say in the notice that furniture, flowers and holiday decorations are allowed on the balcony.

"They told me if I do not comply they will send a legal letter asking me to comply and then a court ordered eviction notice," Vega recalled. "That's what could happen."

"They told me to take the flags down per the lease agreement and I respectfully told them, 'No,'" added Nega. "Independence Day is not only on Fourth of July. Memorial Day is everyday in remembrance of our fallen and Veterans Day as well for I will honor all troops past and present and I will never cease to."

A similar incident happened last year in Atlanta, Ga. when a U.S. Marine vet tried to fly the same two flags outside his home at a retirement community.

Fox News Atlanta reported that Jim Lowe was only allowed to fly one flag, but wanted to fly the U.S. Marine Corps flag and the American flag. He ended up moving out of the retirement complex, which would not budge on its flag rule.

Sources: and Fox News Atlanta


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