Man Faces Eviction Over American Flag Inside Apartment Window (Video)


Steve Roberts says that his new apartment management company in Santee, California, will not allow him to hang an American flag inside his window.

Roberts, whose father served in the U.S. military, bought the flag and hung it across his front window a year ago.

"The American flag, it means to me freedom," Roberts told 10News (video below).

However, Roberts says the apartment complex changed owners and the new company, FDC Management, will not let him display the flag inside his apartment against the window.

Roberts' lease appears to support him, as it reads: "No decorations, signs, or lettering may be exhibited or fixed outside of the resident's apartment."

"Apparently, the FDC management group doesn't like me flying the American flag or displaying it," Roberts explained. "When I went to renew my lease in April, I was told by the lady in the leasing office that the district manager told them if I took down the flag they would renew my lease; until then I could only be month to month."

Roberts fears he may be evicted, but is not taking the flag down.

"It's just wrong, you can't tell someone what they can and cannot have displayed inside their own place and it's the American flag in America," Roberts stated.

A similar incident happened to U.S. Marine combat veteran Paolo Advincula in late June.

Advincula was told to take down his American flag, which he was flying outside his condominium in McLean, Virginia.

Advincula told WUSA 9 that Rotonda Condominiums said he could not fly the American flag because it's a community of international residents who might get offended if they could not fly their countries' flags as well.

"That's not the point, this is the United States we should be able to fly our flag," said Advincula.

According the American Flag Act of 2005, residents who live in condos can fly the American flag, but that law does not apply to apartments.

Sources: WUSA 910News


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