It's Easy To See Why This Couple Is Getting Divorced (Video)


A strange video has surfaced on the web that shows a man filming his soon-to-be ex-wife smashing up their red sports car with a hammer.

The video (below), which was posted by YouTube user "Ray Leaker," begins with the woman stating, "It's not vandalism if it's my own car."

The man, who is filming her, calmly announces that his estranged wife just "vandalized our own property maliciously."

According to, the car is a Mazda Miata.

The woman pounds the hood and side of the car with the hammer, and then shatters a window.

"You hit me with that glass, I'll sue you," says the man. "I'm recording you right now."

Later, he states sarcastically, "Awesome, good job, you just destroyed our vehicle."

"I got money coming in," replies the wife.

"You touch my things or me, you're going away," the man warns his wife.

At the end of the video, the man predicts, "She's probably going to hurt me after this."

According to, "In most states it’s illegal to destroy, hide, or steal jointly owned property while divorce proceedings are underway and people can face criminal charges if they try."

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