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Man Fell Out Of Tree, Impaled On Iron Fence, Died (Video)

Edwin Ochoa, 30, was killed early this morning after he accidentally fell from a tree and landed on a pointy iron fence in Hollywood, California.

Ochoa fell about 20 feet before he was impaled in the face by the fence outside his home (video below).

Police arrived on the scene after getting calls of a possible prowler.

LAPD Capt. Brian Pratt told KTLA that Ochoa had climbed the tree to get a jacket.

The fence reportedly went through the left side of Ochoa's face and came out the right side.

“It looked like a Hollywood scene staged,” LAPD Sgt. Melvin Gamble told The Los Angeles Times. “He was impaled on the fence and couldn’t get off of it.”

Ochoa's hands were on the fence as if he were trying to lift himself off the iron spikes.

Numerous beer cans were found near the home, so it is possible that Ochoa may have been drinking, which he was known to do, reports NBC Los Angeles.

Ochoa had celebrated his birthday only four days earlier.

Sources: KTLA, The Los Angeles Times, NBC Los Angeles
Image Credit: KTLA Screenshot


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