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Man Burns Down His Apartment While Killing Bugs (Video)

An unidentified man tried to exterminate some bugs in his Orlando, Fla. home on Sunday night by starting a small fire to burn them.

However, the fire got out of control and the man was trapped inside his apartment. Fortunately, a neighbor came to his rescue (video below).

"I am yelling at him and I hear him yelling 'Help,' but I felt like he couldn't hear me," neighbor Leanna Boyer told WFTV. "He wasn't really responding. I banged first, and then it didn't pop, and then I just smashed through [the glass window]."

According to the Orlando Sentinel, a police report stated: "There was trash and empty beer cans covering the majority of the floor in the living area and the kitchen. The bedroom where most of the fire damage occurred was also filled with trash and cans."

The man reportedly told Orlando police “that he started the blaze accidentally, while trying to burn the bugs in his apartment.”

The man was not charged with a crime, but was treated for burns and hospitalized under Florida's Baker Act because he was “a danger to himself and others,” said the police report.

Sources: WFTV and Orlando Sentinel


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