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Man Accidentally Set Fire To Car While Trying To Kill Bedbugs (Video)

A man reportedly lit a rental car on fire while trying to get rid of bedbugs in the vehicle on April 14.

The bizarre incident was caught on video (below) outside a shopping center in Eastport, New York, reports CBS New York.

Newsday identified the man as Scott Kemery.

Suffolk County police claim Kemery admitted to them that he had soaked the rental car with rubbing alcohol to kill the bedbugs, but lit a cigarette while in the car, causing the fire.

The fire reportedly spread from the rental to two more cars.

Kemery suffered first- and second-degree burns and was taken to a hospital in Stony Brook, also on Long Island, New York.

Kemery has not been charged with a crime.

Sources: CBS New York, Newsday
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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